Shutting down my anger

Last friday, I had a meeting with the CFO(Chief Finanacial Officer) Mrs. Yatco. It was just my weekly report on the updates of my system. Things like whats going on , how far have I done and the most frequent question when will it run? this questions keeps my brain alive even when im at sleep to the point that it even wake me up at around 3am, 5am or 5:30am depending upon the pressure. Funny it may seem but this things are really a pain in the neck. I have found a solution to allow me to sleep until 6am straigth. All along it was just 1 glass of milk. One thing I hate about milk is it shuts me down at the busiest day which is around 8:30am-5:00pm. Drinking a glass of powdered milk is totally not an answer. What I did was combine it with milo. Milo is an energy releasing poweder chocolate. By combining milk and chocolate it creates a harmony allowing me to boost until 3pm. After 3pm is bedtime for me. An hour sleep is enough for me to pump my neurons until 9pm. Good thing I don't have any time in and out schedule.

Going back to the meeting, I told the CFO that the structure was comlete but I need more test from the users to make it 100% complete. The only major problem was employees cooperation. She suggested to me that I should talk to department heads to settle those problems. I said ok. The next day which is saturday, while I was eating the meter department head was besides me drinking a milk. The bear brand kind of milk. Don't you think its funny? hehehe anyways, since he was besides me I talk to him about his employees. It's all about cooperation. I approach him as nice as possible. But to my surpirse instead of listening though he listen but he never understand. He insulted me. More like he said that his employees is cooperating and they are prioritizing my system(even if its not). One of the most insulting word he said to me was this "It is your job. It's up to you to persuade them." then he immediately walk out even if it wasn't finish yet. Darn it was the most insulting thing that happend to me. Imagine you treat him nice and talk to him as nice as possible and then in return he just did that whaaaat!

The cenario that happend that time never leaves my brain. Day after day until I waited this very moment to get even with him. I did not care if a cold war will start I wan't him to taste what its like to get insulted in my own personal way. From afternoon saturday until the whole day of sunday I planned what I should do. Mind you everything was scripted hahahaha.

Fast forward...Present day. I waited for the CFO to come. Though I was focusing in other matters like the system. Oh by the way last saturday after a whole day of seemlesly debuging and coordinating with a dedicated user in meter application module it finally took off last saturday and today. I was focusing to this guy while waiting for the CFO to come and do what I planned to happend. At around 9:30 am I check the doors and there was no sign of her car yet. I focus on the job since there where minor adjustment on the reports. Suddenly, a phone ring in our department and it was for me. At first I was not fimiliar with the voice until she told me her name. It was the girl whom I had trouble with cooperation. She ask me how to run on it and she wants to test it. I was surprise why she ask me about it. Hmmm somthing's not right. It's like at the most critical of her time she had a perfect timing. I said to her to wait for a while since I need to run the CCD complain module first to initialize the paperless process. On that moment of time. All my anger perish like an ice cream hahaha. Since she confronted me I decided not to make things worse because what good is it? All I need is cooperation to complete everything. I check the place and there was the CFO. I proceed to her office and told her about the developments and I decided not to choose the dark side of crushing people who insulted me.

Then I reflect and said to myself funny how a simple phone call made a difference in may anger. I guess thats the beauty of life. As for me I always try to understand all the users and prefer not to talk back or insult them. All I want is cooperation. They throw me all kinds of suggestion as long as its valid and I do my best not to explode like a volcano but try to be patient and understand them. However, a simple insult like what this guy did to me is not tolerable for me. I get even no matter what. But if you gave me your attention and time I can forgive and forget even your boss is included. Im quite more like a dictator dont you think? hahaha


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