Some cool updates...

I may have missed my blogging rules by simply writing things during saturday or sunday but i guarantee you another cool, slick kick start of my new interface. Last saturday I bought new dvd as a reward for my self. The movies are Batman begins and Star Wars III. Here are the words that stuck into my head after watching these two movies. For batman begins: If you push yourself to become more than just a man then you became something. and what is it? To became a legend. Cool right? hehehe and for starwars hmmm I don't have any nice words to share to you but one interesting lesson that you can learn is: when you are young and you know you have became more powerful than you ever think of, be patient and learn the way of a jedi for you are young and your mind can be easily corrupt by the dark side. I believe that the mind is the weakest part of a young talented person since only time can make a person mature and wise.

Somehow I find this movie very much true in the real world. Thats the reason why I love movies that much it helps you inspire your vision very well.

Ok I know most of you are excited so here is the new look of my design...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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pretty cool eh? hehehe took me a lot of time in understanding those concepts but im glad I made it well.


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