My First Trophy

It’s so funny how I am so desperate to have a trophy considering one can simply buy a hundred set of trophies just to satisfy the erg of having one. But I do believe that the challenge I experience during the event is simply priceless. Experiencing those thrilling moments is something that will live forever inside me. The memories of cheers, smile and lots of fun will always make me ponder and say to myself with a smile “What a journey it was.”

Imagining yourself walking towards that trophy, shaking hands and hearing the crowd clapping their hands, cracking funny jokes “naka dali rin sa wakas… halos araw araw yan nag prapractice…mayaman na ang syquio(badminton gym) sayo!” and chants “Yeah mark!” is something that put me into two consecutive sleepless nights( the night before the event and after the event.) truly, you can feel the magic in the air.

Looking back during my childhood years basketball was always something that I enjoy and love to play. Almost every after school I always play and play and play but there is something about basketball that made me feel different because no matter how hard I try it seems it was never enough and just lately I realize that in basketball sometimes there’s politics for you to be on top five and that made me focus on badminton.

Thanks to my father who is a very sports minded person. He always influence our family on sports that are very interesting.

For the meantime allow me to enjoy my victory and share to you my first ever 2nd runner up trophy in Mix Doubles.


Jane Smith said…
hahahah u know what i underestimated ur trophy when u told me u got a trophy!! now i saw the photo and WOW hahaha customized pala for the badminton enthusiasts huh! ang cute hahaha..i hope u are still enjoying ur victory makoy, no wonder saging palagi kinakain mo sa syquio pla napupunta lahat ng pera mo?! lol. KURIPOT!
maks said…
hahaha ang sama! hindi noh...
exander said… was a great achievement mark! Congrats! Hoping to see you in the Philippine Team.
maks said…
hahaha thanks xander. But I don't have plans to carrer badminton I just love the sports.
Anonymous said…
That's good Mark dear. Felicitaciones from this side of the world... a bit late but okay pa rin di ba?
Love you,

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