Understanding Business

I am beginning to learn how to run a small business and for the past two months I must admit the strength of a leader will be measured by time.

Loneliness, boredom and financial problems are indeed killers for those who dare to run a startup. I am by far have yet to learn the values of focus and discipline but I am determined to adopt them as fast as possible.

Yesterday evening I have learned that most of our online games are dead due to server maintenance at the same time I was bothered with how we should approach the competition of pricing. A lot of our competitors have slash their price to point of negative revenues even my cousin whats a promo to gain more customers. But my uncle would always tell me "NO". It was kinda hard but I realize that we had an edge since most of the online servers are down and most of our competitors wants a break.

I figure out a solution by simply asking most of our new customers what would it take for them to consider us? By anticipating what they really need and work on it I manage to convince them.

It was though but at the same time fun when you see most of them realize that despite the small price difference they choose us.

I never realize that the basic foundation of a successful system development would also play a very big role in business.

I am very excited to know more stuff and wonder how will it be on the business of web application.


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