The Finale

Ball games energize my body and mind. It really takes away stress and im doing it every wednessday with the help of some employees in here who are passionate with basketball.

Yesterday, was very exciting since its game time again. Along the way as we fetch some of them in their house they where talking about PBA(Philippine Basketball Association) and me as a far out guy who live in his life without TV acted more like a cave man(do nothing but listen and shut up.)

We had this new OJT inside the MIS department, he was lucky to be approve by the COO(Chief Operation Manager) since this department never really accepts OJT because there nothing you do much in here since everything is confidential and there are only a few people who can really develop software in this place despite the fact that there are a lot of IT schools.

And since this guy has nothing to do but sit besides me and stare most of his time on the things I work. I felt really uncomfortable. I mean how would you think if there's a person besides you looking your code from 8am to 5pm? developers needs space and quite shy during the process of constructing their software however, once everything is up and running of course we want as many people to look at our running application.

So we began to get to know each other with this guy and I invited him to out game yesterday.

As we reach our destination I was surprise to see this guy since I told him to wait for us in our place and he was quite late and so we left him. Good for him he had his bike on him.

Let the games begin! After a few balancing(which person should be here and there) the game was on.

The first shot was mine. It was a fast break and behind me was a new guy who is also tall and equip with all the muscles I was lucky to leave him behind and shoot the ball. Though there was a contact but I did not call for a foul.

At the middle of the game we had this defense and offense thing and it was really a tough game then and at the very last points for us to win the first game I manage to rebound the ball and execute the fast break again. Then the same person came accross me but still I manage to ignore the shouts when team mate tells me to relax and set the play then I just deliver it. I was lucky!

The second and last game. Again I manage to pull the first shot again by simply cutting their defense and made a nice shot. It was quite strict when the other team manage to execute the full court press immedately. We had 3 turn overs at the first 2 mins. Then I ask the team to help first in order to get the ball on the other side of the ring or else we all ganna loose.

And we manage to overcome the full court press. Then luck strikes back when our OJT made a lot of long range accurate shots. It helps us cut the lead and manage to reverse the situation. We manage to lead from 1-2-3 until we finally nail them to a 5 point lead.

The 6 points lead is something to be express about since I made that shot. Here it goes: We had a consistent shots then when our enemy made the offense we did a tough defense on them until they made a miss then I manage to rebound the ball and immediately run as fast I could to the next ring. What I observe that time was I was the only one who is running on our team then again I saw the same guy whom I beat on our first game waiting and was totally prepared to wipe the ball in my hands if I drive on him. He was mean and furious, he was like a predator waiting to strike at any moment.

As I was running I know that I don't have any chance of outmatch him in terms of jumping since he was as tall as me plus with all the muscles. But I insist! Because I had this special move that im working on since then but I couldn't manage to execute since it needs a complete balance of muscles from foot to biceps but im working on it every sunday and the right time was that day to execute.

As I approch him closer and closer I empty my mind and beleive that I could execute the move. Then I jump and he did jump too. Then I raise the ball with my two hands in order to shoot the ball but I know he will do anything to block it. It was just a convoy to fool him then as he block the ball I manage to pull my hands down and avoided the block then on my right hand perform the layup. Bam! the ball hits the board and directly to the basket. Imagine the execution from raising my two hands on top then reversing it to perform a layup and it was on air guys! Damn I feel like michael jordan that time I tell you. Hahahaha.

As I turn myself to I made a big yes with my two arms bent(I don't know how to describe it but just imagine michael jordan whenever he execute some remarkable moves. hahahaha) as I look at my team mates they were all impress and we made the usual "apear"(I don't know the exact english description of this hehehe) It was awesome. And they told me it was one of the best finale hahaha.

That ends my happy days time for me to work.


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