Bill Gates College Tour

Check this out:

If theres one thing Bill Gates keep on telling people world wide about computer science or working as a software developer I believe its ganna be the excitement on how IT particularly software developers change people live and work.

As a developer I can tell that he is absolutely right. In my experience in CELCOR I have realize that power. Imagine changing the business structure of a certain middle size comapny who monopilize a certain region in your country. How powerfull is that? the thing is you can never change a certain structure inside the company without approval of a higher officer. And we are talking about chief executives in here.

Talking to executives, changing your users expereince and transaction in order to achieve easeness, creating realtionship with employees and executives and building software innovation that will guarantee business solution. Man its awesome.

I guess I just have to work harder and try to deeply understand how important my job is and how fascinating it is. Thank's Bill Gates for fueling my passion over and over again.


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