Reflection of the game

Playing games is very much similiar to running your business. Yesterday, was a great game I had 3 straight games non-stop though I was a bad shooter I was analyzing how the game was played. In the first game I was team up with older people more like on their 30's or 40's vs younger ones which is on their 15 and 16.

I was expecting that we will loose the game since the young ones can really play well considering that they had more practice plus one member who can really dunk the ring with two hands. Then the rest can run endlessly or jump as high as a chicken.

However, we beat them. One of the factors that I realize that we beat them was defenese and we had lesser mistakes. Yes most of my team can't run as energetic as those guys but we where so accurate. The lessons I learned was though my team mates are old but their defense are equip and strict. Even the offense was accurate to the point that mistakes are not allowed.

I began to analyze things. Young ones are risk taker. As soon as they had the ball there is no way of stopping them, they would dash immediately and go for a fast break. Sometimes they wouldn't even pass the ball and would rather attack the opponent head to head even if there are 3 opponents in front of them.

Older ones play safe. Most of the time when they are on a fast break expect a pass on the different sides. They may not be the highest scorer but they assure one thing "WIN" winning is totally a big deal for them. I could even see some frustration whenever I make the move then miss the shot. You could see some frustration in their face most especially critical games where 1 point matters a lot.

Which leads me to one thing. Business. If I run my company and team up with developers and staff which on their 20's where would I put my older members? I believe that the right combination of older person with great wisdom should be place in a proper setup.

How will I play my game? may be the perfect combination is if I had 5 sets of young ones and5 sets of older one. The first attack will be the younger ones then if we had trouble shift it to older ones to make less mistakes.

Seriously, I don't really know the answer. May be the right answer is also like a basketball game. You need to experience it to understand the logic of the game and yourself.


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