Exploding my anger

Saturday, October 29, 2005: The day I unleash the bomb.

Last saturday was no different day for me as I continue my work. I was even on a moderate mood that time while I was working on my GUI since I just can't help but felt tired of those database structure and logic. You know the usual tips to get the nerves pumping and continue to maintain the momentum.

One guy visited me in my cubicle and complain in a normal way, informing me that some customers did not appear in his computer while using my program. Of course that normal and definitely not a way to trigger my temper and busrt into anger since thats my job and it is considerd as normal challenge. Definetly not a reason not rant about.

So I fix it! I realize that I did not execute the convertion last wednesday night. I guess I was so tired.

Then another call came up after 10 minuets. It was from the other department CCD(Corporate Communication Department) they told me they have some problems.

So I get there and check. The program won't run. I close the program I found out that a bug exist and I couldn't find it since the user may have press the enter. Then I run it again and it's quite ok. But still Im puzzled what was really the bug.

Then suddenly this girl who is a radio operator began to open her mouth yakada yakada her complains about my program such as "gusto namin ung reports young job order lang..." my first impression was "ok na tapos na yan." then she argue that all she want's was todays date. And I told her no! everything should appear and she says no and the list is on....until when she tried it and found out only the right date comes out. I almost forgot that I already fix it. ooops that was quite a mistake on my part. But suddenly, she yakadaa yakadaa....came up with a follow up on me things like "maraming customers ang di lumilitaw sa program mo..." and "parate error ang program mo..." I was so frustrated with her not because of her yakadaa yakadaa talk but it's because I already told them for a hundred times report to me whenever theres a problem. When I ask her what do you do if it does not exit? Then the guy told me we just use the old program. Bam! I was so angry that I did not care who was there and I began to increase my voice and told them "Diba sinabi ko na sa inyo na pag may problema tumag kayo!!! paano maayos yan pag di nyo ni rereport?" and she was shrinking then on a counter move she told me "diba tinatawag naman kita. O ayan" then I responded "dib inaayos ko agad. bakit mo sinasabi na marami pang walang customer!!!*in a very angry voice*" and bam! all they do was shut up then I ask them "O saan pa yung di lumilitaw na customer?" they gave me one copy. Then I left the room.

While going to my room I was back at my senses and realize that I was mad so mad like my mother before. Im really getting older since I act like my mother. I just can't believe that I exploded like a volcano I guess its all because of this girl who was so stupid enough and does nothing but complain and complain with out valid reason. Damn she ask for it and I just give it to her.

Sorry girl even though your hot and sexy but if you piss me off just for the sake of expressing yourself then I will show you the real mean me even though your hot! hahaha

As I reach my computer and check for the data. Damn it! it's there I began to wonder how stupid is she really are?

The funny thing about this event was a lesson that I learn just this evening at the church when the priest had a sermon which talk's about christ who was also frustrated with hypocrites.

Let me share to you some of greatest wisdom I learn from this priest. Here it goes:

I think this is best express in tagalog so you can totally grasp the meaning of this wisdom.

Characteris of a hypocrits:
1. monay or ampao- . Ang monay or ampao pag hinati mo ano ang laman sa loob? ang sagot: Hangin. Ibig sabihin wag lang tayo puro salita may gawa din. Action speaks louder than words. At pagsinabi mo gagawin mo gagawin mo.

2. nitso or lungon(sa bisaya hehehe) - wag tayo magiging nitso na maganda lang sa panlabas pero sa loob nabubulok.

3. dambana(This is not the exact word nakalimutan ko na sa sobrang lalaim ng tagalog) or bell- ibig sabihin puro lang ingay pang kuha ng atention para sa ating sarili.

Im not judging the girl but all I wan't is to express my anger since I kept on thingking of it. This might kill me so it would be better to express this on the web so all over the world would carry my burden in that way im free.

This is just an expression for me she is like number 2.

The solution. Here are the things that we should work harder to attain.

1. Consistency-means pag sinabi mong gagawin mo gawin mo. Hardwork and integrity is the right combination.

2. Servant Leader-maraming lider ang nakaupo upang pagsilbihan this time tulad ni kristo dapat ganun din tayo nakaupo para mag silbi.

And I beleive in this 2 simple tips. This will come a long way in me. This will be my guide.


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