Notebook+Pen=Real Answers

Lately, after completing the meter department I was expecting to comeout smoothly in finishing the remaining 3 departments particularly billing, auditing and teller since I completed it long before I had my second round trip analysis of the 8 departments that was left.

Due to some underestimation and reinventing the wheel that I prioritize way back while im developing the billing module, I have face a dead end. It feels so impossible to solve the problem and I felt like I was carrying a bigger cross. It really made me hate the world including my work.

After buying 1 DVD - Final Fantasy VII and 2 notebooks(which by the way I never thought that I would appreciate notebooks not until today.) with a brand of cattleya and sterling. I felt so relive and began to enjoy writing system flows without using objects such as the flowcharts(since I really hate them since the begginning).

I hate them because no matter how good you are in drawing those objects and try harder on making them accurate and understandable still it sucks and made me wonder at the end of the day "What the heck is this?"

What I did was create something understandable in just one look. I learned that the most important thing is not the objects since using objects are a waste of paper space and besides 1 object can tell a thousand words.

Inorder for me to be accurate, I used words with line arrows. Words that are not just english but a combination of tagalog and english. In that way it is more understandable since, there are things that are better express in tagalog or in english.

I have been thinking of my obstacle since last week. Have you ever had this feeling that while thinking of a solution it seems you have the answer but you just don't know how to deliver it in a very clear way, just to start kicking those damn code. Yes I did!

After touching those new notebook I feel more confident in writing the right logical answers and converting them to real codes.

The very most important that I felt that I must solve is to deliver the thoughts at the back of my mind that seems to be covered with dark clouds into a crystal clear logical written notes. While I started to write never I realize how smooth and natural I was in delivering the right answers though it takes a little of 2 minutes before I really started writing. It really feels good.

I started at around past 10am then finish at around 11am then take my lunch immediately then surf the net at 12pm. It ended at around 1:40pm before I said to my self I must deliever today or face your worse nightmare. I stop the net and started to just write and review. Then at 3pm I finish the writing and the coding and at 5pm I went to bed.

I just can't belive that I could complete my task in a very accurate and fast way. Then I wonder maybe Bill Gates was wrong in converting everything to digital. For me atom particles that reacts to human atoms make's a person more productive as compared to brainwash the brain and simulate virtual environment.

There is something about the paper as compared to computers to make things go the right path. Though computers makes the boring things exciting but its the paper and pen that make things concise.


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