Cleaning up the pirates

Yesterday I decided to take a break. I decided to go to the mall again and bought myslef 3 pairs of socks (since most of my socks got holes its either at the toe or at the ankle part) and 3 pairs of underware(most of my underwares have loosen their garther about two years of wash and wear stuff) never have I realize that i took me some 500 bucks to all six of them. Hope they last for another 2 more years hehehe.

I decided to went up to the 3rd floor since this floor for the movie addict. I was expecting to see some interesting movies and I mean latest ones. To my surprise the escalator going upward did not work instead the opposite one which is going down is working. As I walk up to the stairs I see teenage couples having some sweet talk at every side of the stairs. It's quite weird and it doesn't feel right. I decided to went up to see what's really happening.

Bam! I see nothing. No DVD's and VCD's but a number of 1 or 2 stores that sells imitation things are left. I guess the NBI totally wipe them out. Too bad for me bye bye for my favorite movies.

The place now looks like a ghost town. It used to be one of the most alive place inside the mall.

As I went down I decided to check out some music stores where they sell original music and movies. The place used to be the boring place where only the crew and staff are the only one who are inside the store but now it was jam pack with lots of people. However, as I look at those customers I notice one thing they seem not happy with it. They just seem to look at those VCD's and DVD's. One thing is certain those movies are old and boring. And quite expensive too.

Anyway, all I can say is good luck to your business folks. This time I can save more since the place is getting boring. hehehe.

On my way home I begin to reflect about business. What if I had a company filled with pirated products. Then all of a sudden a raid comes my way taken all my precious computers. Its ganna be a night mare I tell you. I have a choice 1. save and do your best to buy some genuine microsoft visual studio or 2. Opensource your way.

Those are my 2 alternatives. Well for the mean time I will leave that to my future. Im more concern of the present. I need to build this project fast and efficeint. Then after that let my future decide whats my next move.


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