Submenu 2

Yahoooo I just finish the submenu for the accessories and its resizing capabilities. Im glad I proceed with the truncation of the database so I can focus more on the GUI(Graphical User Interface) of my system.

Here are some shots:

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In this picture, the user level is under administrator mode. Which means all the detailed departments and most of its tools and utilities in maintaining the data is up and running. Allowing the user to have full control of the system.

While building this module one of the most difficult part was customizing the size and arrangement of the icons. Example if the user's security level is only under meter department the menu should show only the corresponding set of options in order to avoid forbidden access.

It may look simplier as I observe the functionalites of windows but once I implement it, it was totally difficult.

Here is what I mean:

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This picture shows you the log off design.

Once logoff you will return immediately to the security module.

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In this module I choose the property module and access peter's account. The password was encrypted and its quite tricky if you decrypt it. Any moron can easily decrypt since I decided not to waste too much energy creating a strong type encryption.

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Here's how it looks when you have little access. Everything besides the property department is the default application that the user can use.

That's all folks...


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