As I move my project development to another phase yet another bigger problem hit me. "Double Names" suddenly appear into the list of search. After I carefully analyze things I have realize that two of my functions created the problem. I had this one module capable of converting and analyzing things from foxpro to sql server. Two buttons has a syntax where once records are not found it will execute an insert statement to the new application table. One mistake that i had which resulted to this scenario was I did not include the .cdx file of every database I copied from foxpro. Without the .cdx file(which is responsible for the index of the database in foxpro) the program won't be able to find and match the specific target thus creating a major problem which is double name.

Finally I decided to perform mission truncate to completely wipe out all the data in sql server except for the setup module.

As I walk to the mall, one stall had survive the raid of the pirates since the mall that I was in was not so popular and only known for their grocery products. Lucky for them for they monopolize the whole city since they are the only one left. I decided to check some videos and bought 1 dvd of Will Smith. Inside the dvd guess how many movies? not 1, not 2 and not even 3 but a collection of 6 movies all DVD quality. Here is the list: Hitch, Bad Boys 1,2, Men in Black 1,2 and i-Robot.

Just today while my computer is doing the convertion I decided to watch the first movies which is hitch. Man it was hilarious and yet very informative on how to win your dream girl. This movie can give you the basic principle on how to treat the girl right in a very special way. But of course this is just a movie and the actor is Will Smith. But the basics are there you can reinvent your own hahaha. This movie is a good one watch it if you have time.

Ill blog some cool updates on my system. Im working on the pending interface structure. I'll get back to you soon.


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