Nebit is closing???

Whaaat? is this a nightmare or for real? nebit is an internet cafe built by my good old friend vernon a.k.a executor. nebit is one of the best cafe in Davao. It's even called the heaven for all gamers and internet users. One of its greatest and most power device that stuck inside its main board is the video card which is the radeon 98000 pro. It was even imported from the US through his ate in chicago. If you are a gamer addict then your lust for this will absolutely be satisfied.

A cafe without a built-in internet is plain sucker. This cafe has one of the best speed in town straight from PLDT.

Imagine having lots of customers who are so dedicated to wait for even 1 or 2 hours just for the experience. Thats how hot is his business.

So what about the price? I must tell you can't beat it. It's P20($1=56) darn it so cheep and yet so good to be true.

For a reason that he just wan't to keep it on his family in an instant click everything was lost. The real world is one scarry place to play with.

Though I haven't really seen the place yet and all the evidence i have is just a mere conversation with him in YIM. I just have this feeling that this guy is an actor. Making fool out of me and hope i might get the bait. As for now, my stand is if don't see it then i don't believe it I still think he's making fun of me.

I'll check out the place once I get back.


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