Stuck with billing

I think I over estimate this challenge. At the third week of july I thought I could complete the billing, property and ccd module since at the last week of the month of july I was at the lst module of beta testing with the property department(the surrender meter module) then when one of my officemate tells me that he needs some reports of what I have done in billing to present it to CFO I was confident that I would just click the button and instantly the results should popout accurately.

To my surprise it was not the way I exepect it to be. There where problems like unequal number of customers, double names and the data integrity is below 80%. I say fuck this code. hahaha. Sorry for that. It's just that im very much frustrated with this project since I have been stuck for quite some time now(3 months to be accurate).

I have been drolling over this time after time until now the machine(computer) has been calculating and analyzing some information to update those database. Despite my frustration there is one happy thought that I could think of. And that is: there is one module who is currently running. This guy was the luckiest guy of them all. He used to manually write everything and pass those reports to his superior. He was lucky enough since there was no need for the integration for him since he does it manually. So I decided to make him the first guy to use the system. I can tell that its also because of his dedication to cooperate the module is up and running for his part. Congrat's Ramil or shall I say condolence hehehe.

One of the most funniest thing happen to me right now is women in here are beggining to notice me. Hahaha funny isn't it. I think they wan't me to date them. Them? my gosh. Major bummer man. Im not handsome okay but I got the charm. Hahaha all wormz member has it. Not that I don't wan't it hey its just a friendly date. But sad to say I don't have the luxury of time and money. I even wan't to enjoy my life. Go out check some cool gigs out there even if sometimes the place sucks. But then again how would you enjoy life when whenever you are in a bar you would think why the heck my history bills keeps on generating double names, why would my tracer won't detect unequal billing amount as I compare it foxpro database, how should my sql views structure be built to the point that it would be solid enough to face unpredictable result? etc, etc, etc oh my god im getting freak. Hahaha this are the thoughts that gets into my head as I sit on any table or as I idle. Mind you these things pops to my head even as I eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Above all the main reason why I don't want to is because I have my greatest love back at home. And her name is Jenny(I just hope she read this hehehehe 1M pogi points for me!).

Becoming a master jedi is not an easy task. It really makes you different. Argh maybe I need a bottle of red horse to unwind but wait beers keeps me more alive than ever. I remember the day when someone invited me to have a drink. We drink a couple of bottles and I thought it will help me fall asleep. Yes it did help me sleep earlier. At around 12am we finish it off and after 5mins I drop to my bed but the worse part it kept me alive at 4:30am. My brain keeps on thinking and thinking until it was already 6am. Milk is the only way to shutdown my brain.

Till then...back to the drawing board for me. There are major adjustment that are needed to be adjusted right now.


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