Morning Tech Thougths

In my latest post just this morning I was about to agree on what Nicholas Donofrio said about innovation however, things change fast as soon as I check the news in yahoo and click the software category.


Last thursday, Steve Ballmer palns to spend a freaking $500 million business service to persuade enterprises to use its software rather than hire International Business Machines like IBM.

Nicholas Donofrio is from IBM by the way.

So what's up with Microsoft hottest software? Ballmer said the new software allows companies to let their employees perform tasks that they may now be paying IBM's huge services operation to handle.

Again and again Microsoft is playing world domination and even crushing competitors till death.

Just imagine if Microsoft will be successful and their product innovation contains services, process, business models or cultural innovation what is left in IBM?

Take note Nicholas Donofrio said "innovation today is more about services, process, business models or cultural innovation than just product innovation."

I smell blood.


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