Why oh why?

Lately I have been wondering a lot of times about this latest buzz that excites most geeks not unless you live in a cave world. Im talking about microsoft latest coolest OS that will come out early this year.

Windows Vista.

I have only one question about this thing. Why is Vista better than XP?

If you ask me well I just love converting their GUI and patterns in software development and bring it on in the industry. How ironic.

The next latest buzz is an application capable of taking out IBM services. It's an innovative product with everything nice just like power pop girls.

Office 2007

Why will Office 2007 make my work-life better?

Again if you ask me I would still say the same answer. Converting it on my own application.

Just bring the pirates on baby...my oh my how evil am I.


TeenyBopper said…
hahaha.. yeah me likes the GUI of Vista. I will surely try that..just hand me first your installer ok?
maks said…
sure no problem

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