Windows Vista a .Net no no

Ehem ehem ehem I wonder why Microsoft latest coolest and greatest OS Widows Vista is not using .Net tools to power up their OS?

Richard Grimes analysis of .net use in longhorn shows microsoft is still using the old win32 thing to power up longhorn/vista. Tsk tsk tsk...

Don't tell me that migration to .Net remains to be questionable because even Microsoft developers are scared to use their tools to fire up their OS and justify to the world that "hey .Net is matured enough to take the challenge of the real world."

Visual Studio 6 is not obselete after all...har har har


Rawad said…
nice interesting blog :)
good luck with ur wormz
maks said…
thanks dude for dropping by...:D
aiso said…
Some of longhorn's native core is using .NET(c#) and of course the old core is still there(c++ is the core pl of major OS's).

And longhorn is still in CTP release. When put into final it will be a different story. Look at windows xp, the beta and final version is so different. And looking at the past many are reluctant to embrace it because they BELIEVE win98 is more STABLE than winxp. But eventually many get the hang out of windows xp. Being you a filipino, I guess you didnt migrate then and there after xp is released. I've heard in the past filipinos has the mentally of "windows xp sucks, hangs I better stick to windows 98 se blah blah" or something like that when winxp was released which is kinda dumb. Get misinformed.

For what I see, it's just history repeats itself. Eventually you will to use .NET
maks said…
Well lets just wait and see if they will fully utilize the use of .net
once they have finally release vista. It's ganna be really interesting.

Here is my thought about your reaction. Technically windwos xp is exempted since XP has been release before microsoft have release .net however, vista or long horn is not exempted since they have already release .net and even convince developers to migrate and make the most of .net.

It simply means that .net is very much matured and capable of doing things as compared to the old win32 thing right? So why not use it? Its simply because it's still under
beta phase. No matter how hard they try to hypnotize people about how cool .net is the irony is it ain't that matured yet.

About the old core which they use c++ why won't they use since they are going to phase out old c++?

Another correction to what you said is being me as a filipino. Well in the Philippines we can easily migrate to what's new simply because all softwares in our country has the
same price. You name it and It only cost P100=$2.$1=P50.

Piracy exist everyware, around the streets or even at the malls.

We never really like windows 98 since windows 2000 is even better.

In our country, why would we be too harsh to ourselves learning how to configure linux when in fact even linux distros have the same price with windows.

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