The 'next big thing' no longer exists

Whhhaatttt the !@#$? who are you to tell me that?

Nicholas Donofrio Big Blue's executive vice president of innovation and technology, made the declaration on Tuesday in an interview with ZDNet Asia.

Here are the key points that we should focus on innovation.

Donofrio added that innovation today is more about services, process, business models or cultural innovation than just product innovation.

Check this link out The 'next big thing' no longer exists


TeenyBopper said…
well, competitions now are vey rapid and increasing to the core. The only this that's left is try to make something unique not just for the sake of acquiring that technology not because it is booming but the thought of innovating something that offers high values for the consumers.

Remember, how such technology deppreciate. So this is how it's gonna be
maks said…
Wow your thoughts makes me wonder a lot of things about you. You can relate so much about the world of IT and you have a very good understanding about it.

The fact that your a woman amazes me big time.

Thanks for the thoughts...:D
TeenyBopper said…
whoah! there you go! hehehe i am just influenced by you geek!

*inserts sweet words here*
hew said…
found your comments via google blog search. I was also taken aback by donofrio's comments. In 1943, IBM's Chairman Tom Watson said "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." History is repeating itself. more here:
Jane Smith said…
YUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! ur response to the first commentee makes me wanna puke! tsk tsk tsk...i hate reading ur archives! i can't stand it!

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