Talking things over

To those of you who are clueless right now im back in davao. I arrived in here last march 24 just to celebrate my sister's graduation and my parents 28th weding anniversary. I must admit that I was thinking of not going home in order to save some cash but then again I decided to go back because if were to choose money over stress I would rather spend money rather than die early due to stroke.

One event that remain to be seen was my first ever client Assumption College of Davao. Last January we had an arguement that leads into a disappointing event.

Somehow, I felt like quitting this client but on the other side I felt very much sad because after all the hard work that I have done for the past years just to build their system in a nick of time everything went gone. I decided to move on somehow.

Over the past months little did I know that they were looking for me. Thru text or calls but what they did not know I had 2 sim cards. I did not mind them and almost forget about them for 3 months.

Then last monday while I was at the mall I saw one staff there and he did talk to me to visit the school because they need me badly. I did come on the next day and we did talk a little and boy they were so glad to see me. (Talk about being in demand hehehe)

Then just today I did got the chance to talk to the new finance head. We did talk professionally and I realize how unprofessional I am in terms of handling my clients.

If there's one thing that I learn its ganna be "when things got worse talk to the person who hired you and not the ordinary people."

It was a great experience and Im searching for ways on how to help them.

Never leave your clients face them and talk to them.


TeenyBopper said…
Yes you're right. Even if you owned the most intelligent mind on earth and yet you don't know how to handle people, you're still not that "smart and intelligent". Being an intelligent person is not thru skills but on how you get the heart and build trust to your people. Attitude matters most above others. Remember that. Good Luck. :)
TeenyBopper said…
huh? wait? stroke? *shocked*. Take care of yourself.
maks said…
Thanks for the thoughts I really appreciate it. :D
Anonymous said…
that biatch is a flirt.

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