Young Entrepreneurs of Tech

Hmmm I have been thinking lately if my path is right or wrong. Questions that remains to be seen in the not so distant future.

Can I actualy build an empire?

It's a very bold move if you ask me. Will my company support my children or childrens children? I still don't know. But the thing that im certain is the fact that when you have your own business you control your destiny. And it's really true. I have seen a lot of friends who have become so happy in their life because of entreprenurship.

Check this site out--> its really pretty cool.

Here's one good thought for the day.

LEARN EVERY DAY. "Starting a business is a wonderful challenge, which may become very rewarding. But also beware of some of the pitfalls of entrepreneurship," he warns. "Failing to plan, taking too much personal income, lack of experience, lack of capital, unrealistic expectations, too much capital going into fixed assets, and not knowing when and where to seek help," are some of the things to watch out for.

Wormz baby!


TeenyBopper said…
why not give a try for wormz to be born? you might not know it will boost up more than you expected.

About the children thing? im pretty sure you can survive them.
Jane Smith said…
a philosopher said "one way to get what you want, is to know what you want" you are thinking big and have a lot of sure it's going to happen...
Jane Smith said…'s Nonna
maks said…
hi wonder im having a hard time thinking who you are. You can try this new blog nona its pretty cool. teenybopper send this to me.

A million thanks teenybopper for inspiring me. I will do my best to hold on to my dreams.
Jane Smith said…
yeah..i've seen teenybopper's blog through that site it was nice...might try it sometime :)

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