Reviving a HardDisk

Perhaps, this is the most insane technique that I ever discovered. Have you ever experience powering up your computer and end up having a hard disk failure? Any ordinary person with the deadliest deadline feel the pressure of being break down and just jump into the roof top to end the problem.

In any case, you will be face with the same problem like this your last resort will be...

freeze that hard drive!

Take out that failing hard drive and wrap a static bag around it and throw it in the freezer. It's insane as you are!

Check this out: 200 ways to revive a hard drive


Jane Smith said…
hahahahaha here u go again...
maks said…
hehehe another wierd staff for you jane! :D
TeenyBopper said…
hahahahha... i hope the way I recovered my HD is in the list.. *nakawin bah?*

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