My most evil behavior but what else can I do but to overcome this. I could remember a lot of situation where I did nothing but procrastinate and the effects is totally frustrating.

Suddenly, after the effects the "if and only if.." statement suddenly comes very late. Things like: If only I work harder, if only I studied earlier, if only I listen...and so on. The feeling of guilt always comes next. What else can I say "Nasa huli ang pag sisi"

During my stay in Davao one of my friend told me about our friend who is also a software developer that they just made a huge close deal with an out patient hospital. And its a huge cash for the 2 of them. However, the problem exist when their deadline expires and an P800 cash is being deducted everyday.

That's really a very frustrating event. You might loss your interest and the drive to be passionate with your job. Later, I have learn that at the middle of his development he began procrastinanting with other stuff like learning .Net languages.

The main point that I want to share to you is on how to focus on the things that matter's the most in order to be productive and prevent your self by being drown by your own esteem.

Check this link out Overcome procrastination by understanding it


Jane Smith said…
hey mark, i just read the link; it's really a good insight...specially to people like me. your blogs have a lot of goodies man!

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