Network Administrator: A Reflection

I have been thinking lately about our network administrator and tried to understand how he thinks. I just can't deny the fact that people like him exist.

As I reminisce I just can't help but confirm that he is the worse IT person that I know so far in my life. Just imagine he play one of the most important role in this company since he controls the security and network access. In an event where he won't share important information we just end up like stupid and him like the very most important person. I still think he's a jerk.

I guess little by little im beggining to see the good, the bad and the ugly side of a corporate world. I did ask about this type of person to my parents and they told me: this is what we call corporate jelousy.

He fears a lot of being just another guy in the room. He want's to be the very most important person and at the same time be present at the most important event in this company. Especially on the things that could change the company's world.

People like him sucks big time. They are like scavengers feeding on decaying matter.

I know im too harsh on him but just imagine the things that he did most of the time. Take for instance in my part. I discuss to him about my system won't run in an ip address configured computer and we did argue about it before but hell he still insist and even plans to spread all of them. The worse part is he won't even explain it to you and think's that your a threat to his growth.

He is just so unbelievable.

Im planning to bury him but in a very silent way hahaha.

As I look at the bright side of this story I have learn to appreciate him in a very very very little way. Without him I won't be tweaking those computer managment utility or read microsoft article about configuring networks. But hell him, why should I put burden to my slef when I can ask him and he will just tell me the answer so i can focus on what's important like coding so I can finish it early?

No matter how hard he tries he is still a moron.

I did have so much fun with you network boy. If you don't wan't to be like him for good upgrade your skills and get involve or suffer the consequence of feeling like an outcast.

Right now im quite happy. Nothing compares to the feeling of accomplishing something that is very much similar in playing games and completed a certain mission.

I miss playing games...This time I wan't to see it in a brand new computer with a very cool graphics card. And oh don't forget the 19" LCD with a 1600 resoultion hehehe.


Jane Smith said…
i think that guy is threatened by you hehehe
maks said…
i guess you are right.

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