This article came late but it's better late than later hahaha. Honestly, its all because of the frustrating internet connection that we encounter during the last week of May that somehow made me feel uncomfortable in squeezing my thoughts about technology and innovation. Over and over again I just couldn't help but thank this guy who always encourage me to write and write everyday, what else can I say he always spark the reason for me to start something in my blog. Thanks Vernon.

Going back to WinHEC, I have just watch it last night and man it was something that we look forward to as soon as Vista hits the market. Beyond Vista there are a lot of interesting things that Bill Gates showed to us during this keynote. One of them was a 19" flat monitor touch screen with all the graphical power built into this PC. And man it was just brilliant to see how rich it was and somehow showed to us how innovative it was. Watching the girl scrolling New York Time's Magazine with a touch of a finger is just fantastic.

Another interesting thing that Bill Gates talk to the audience was the 64 bit only application of Microsoft products such as the new Windows Server, Exchange 12 and so on. It made me realize that if you are planning to buy a new computer make sure it's 64 bit and then soon 64 bit multicore, damn just wow! Imagining how innovation have really pushed thru since the start of 8086 one would wonder how stunning it is. I don't know with you but I could still remember how I and my friends started using a computer exchanging diskette full of games or even porn hahaha then the most interesting transition was removing the hard disk without knowing the risk of how expensive a 600 MB hard disk that time. But then again no one could ever replace the feeling of lightning speed file transfer from one hard disk to another. Then came next our very first Windows installation where the 3 of us gathered in one room watching how Windows 98 installs and the excitement of hands on experience at the middle of the night. We where just plain freaks back then hahaha.

Another awesome feature was Microsoft Virtual Server, it's ability to run multi operating system from windows to non windows OS, adding networks without shutting down and adding more memory to different simulated server. If you're going to project your self working on those weird stuff, taking charge on those mission critical servers one could imagine the importance of your existence as a Master Jedi provided you have mastered those necessary skills you need. Now that's something I'm looking as soon as pirates flood their way in my place hahaha.

The best way to relate on what I have been talking to is to watch this webcast: Bill Gates Webcast


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