Moving On...

I felt my life seems miserable the day my notebook crushed. Not that I was so desperate in life but I guess I just miss my daily routine during mornings like checking some mails, reading some news and of course blogging some cool stuff.

Day after day a lot of things instantly pop into my mind that leads into something unpleasant, It's called: "The fear factor." I fear that I may get outdated, I fear that I will no longer be able to watch my favorite webcast, I fear that I may not be able to complete my project, I fear that sooner or later I will become dumb and dumber...etc. etc. etc.

But as soon as I told myself to stop and really think about it and begin to ask myself "don't you think you have alternatives?" I don't have to mourn forever and blame destiny for the death of my notebook. I just have to be flexible and go back to the basics.

For the first time I decided to blog things out using pen and paper just like the old school days and my oh my I find it very educational. Weird right? As I write this article inside my room the essence of the word "Quality Writing" began to make sense. I can review on it over and over again, I have reduce my personal attachment to my own spell checker, I can express things out as deailed as possible, I just felt that time is no longer a luxury but, a standard de facto in providing quality thoughts and the last but not the least I'm trying to improve my own writing skills.

I just wondered if Steve Ballmer's vision was right when he said, "In the next 5 years I don't want to see papers." The importance of writing things on pen and paper really makes a big difference.

Maybe in the real world the word suffering is a disguise word for unleashing your inner self. Just take a look at some of the great people on earth. Even Christ must experience the most painful suffering that he could imagine before he turned into something divine. Even people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Henry Sy experience the worse of what destiny can offer.

With this kind of life I just learned how to make the most of what I have and just bring out the best of it. I would never figure things out if my notebook didn't crushed. It really makes a lot of sense now.

Just never say, I quit. Just do it.


Alma Ritchel said…
Hehehehehehe..your entry reminds me of my physics teacher quotation "imbibing the instant culture". But amidst what happened to your notebook, you got absolutely good realizations!

Never quit! [sabi mo nga]
Denzity said…
Hey, i can really see that your writing skills have improved a lot. Nice write up...and nice realizations.

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