Today Events That Drive Me Nuts

Just this morning I had the most weird experience in my life that I just can't imagine in my years of stay in this planet called earth. Imagine this: As I walk to get my breakfast at around 8am I was first greeted by my two officemate with a rant that goes like this "mark maitim na braso ko oh tignan mo!" he was actually referring to my Nike Arm Warmer that I bought during our sports fest (the one that Iverson used when he plays), he was actually dying to have it and I just give him a smile. Then as I move on after 3 steps one security guard instantly approach me and said,

Guard: Mark may aarborin sana ako sayo.
Me: huh? ano yun?
Guard: Akin nalang ung sando mo sa basketball.
Me: ha! wala na akong pambahay...etc..etc.

Then I finally arrive at the canteen. While I was eating I began to wonder what the heck just happen? Why on earth that my morning today seems to be so freaking insane? people want's everything I have. What's wrong with them?

Damn! I was like answering my own question can't they just think for just one second that the arm warmer that I bought cost me a thousand bucks because of the Nike brand and the uniform that I have was something that I earn during our practice to convince them that I can be part of their team I even spend quite some amount for our practice back them. Do they really think that I’m kind a like some sort of charitable foundation where I give away what I have? Helllooo! I just wonder if they even feel a little embarrassment in their life.

Ok fine. I’m not that rude ok. I can give what ever I can but as I look at them I could justify why I should not, the first one who ask for my arm warmer, this guy had a car and it's a Honda City. How about selling his car so he can bought as many arm warmer that he like right? The second one, who ask for my basketball uniform is our security guard. This guy doesn't even play balls. He sucks a lot of cigarette and drinks a lot of beer why would he just save it and buy himself a new set of uniform from Nike shops.

A message from you guys: Save and buy whatever you want so you won't look like pathetic beggars. If you want something work for it and save on it! For geek sake have a sense of embarrassment.

At around 2pm I decided to stop working and just leave the place then check out the mall. Just wonder around and I was thinking of getting a hair cut plus I was very interested on watching X-men. So I decided to take my hair cut first then the moment that I was finished I was very much excited to watch a movie all alone for the second time of my life then suddenly the lights went off and there was a total darkness. In the end, I end up going back to the office and working again with my codes.

What a looser!

Perhaps, destiny simply forbids me to watch movie all alone.


Jane Smith said…
u don't wanna miss X-men...

hahahahaha mark akin nlng ang laptop mo...
Anonymous said…
mark, can i have your microsoft jacket pleeeaaseee heheheheheh...
maks said…
ok fine whatever! hahaha
Dennis said…
Take it easy dude, baka namn they're just joking or something. hehehehe.

Mark, it is better to give than to receive. Kaya sa akin mo na lang ibigay Mark. Go Mark go! Kaya mo yan..

Ambi na bi.
Jane Smith said…
hahaha bitaw makoy ipanghatag na dre bi giataya nimo uy...

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