Notebook Crushed!

Today, is the worse day of my life. Late last night, I was working on my project then I decided to check some mails, news, the usual surfing the world. Then I finally decided to check some videos in google and found out that I haven't seen the complete video of google factory tour. Since it's a frikking 5hrs video I decided to run it on my notebook 24 hrs so that on morning I could watch on it.

I was very much excited during that time since I just jack-up all those wiring and finally boost my internet connection. What I did was I disconnect all the wires except mine and man it was like heaven. The speed rocks a lot and it seems that there is no stopping on how I surf the world.

As I go to sleep that I night I was very much excited to finally see the whole mystery about it. I just can't remember if I completed the video before because I just can't remember the ending until at present.

Early morning, as I woke up at around 6:30am and immediately I proceed to my office to fix the wirings incase someone might use the internet. As I open the room I check on my notebook and I was so surprise to see that it turned off knowing that it was downloading something very important.

My very first impression was: could it be that our network administrator found out what I did and shut's down my computer? then I check on it switch the power on and it just hang.

I have to know if someone did something bad about it or it died naturally hehehe. No matter what happens I guess I just have to buy a new hard disk.

Thank God! I was working on our database and I did perform my backup last week. No need to rewrite some codes since it is directly connected to our server.


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