During those college days I happen to have a subject in management. I do like it a lot for it deals with business and people. One of the thing that caught my attention was my teacher told us that once you have promoted into a management level you begin to change your priorities in work. Like instead of the usual work engineering you tend to focus on people and company. Then I ask myself, what if the lowest position is the most vital part of the company and it takes years of extreme dedication and passion to master it then why should we drop it? As years passed by I have realize that position in a certain company is not that important because it's how you deliver and provide great services that separates a good company to a great company.

So what's the key?

As I reflect on things in my own experience I realize that it's the incentive that keeps me going. I keep on asking myself why do I perform better if work on my own project as compared to working on my employers project. As I check on my statistics I could complete 3-5 forms in one day if I work on my personal clients and 1 form for 8 hours if I work on my previous job. I just don't see the fire that burns as wild as it can be if I work on freelancing/entrepreneurship.

One of the most interesting statements on this article was: “You can be an engineer and become a manager and get rich, or you can be an engineer and stay an engineer and get rich.”

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