Internet Downtime

I just had my worse downtime ever today, imagine living a life without those cool information at your finger tips it was like some kind a hell hehehe but anyway, I was just fortunate because I had a bigger problem to solve that’s why I’m fine. However, things change the moment I got tired and need to relax.

I begin to feel uncomfortable as I ping our internet IP address and there's nothing on your screen but "request timeout" which means no internet connection available. I always have this suspicious against our network administrator doing sabotage around our internet.

The moment I can't stand on it was the moment I decided to jack-up the wirings and remove every single wires that are connected to the router and switch. I decided to leave 1 wire though and it was mine. I unplug all the connected device from modem to switch then plug it again.

After that....behold! It's alive and it's even faster than ever.

One thing that bothered me a lot, the whole company doesn't have a connection except our network administrator? he is a friging whimp!

Anyway, I just have to enjoy my connection for now.


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