The Reason For This Game

Everything has a reason as they usually say. And it is also true in my case.

Basketball has been my sports since elementary until at present. Im not ranting in here because we lost again for the second time but rather giving you a reflection of what I have learned.

Last night was our second game. This time our competitor was the Engineering Department. This team got what it takes to be a champion. Why? Man they've got the right combination of players. On the center is a 6'4 guy as compared to ours which is only 5'11. The 6'4 guy, once he raise his hand he's as tall as the board. Imagine that! a little jump and he could dunk the ring already. Plus they have 3 reserve rebounder who can really outmatch our rebound. Then there is this 1 good point guard who can really deliver the ball, set the play, shoot and a killer in the court.

To give you a summary of their setup here is the statistics. A center with a height of 6'4, 3 reserve rebounder who are as strong as our team then a point guard who can really play the ball.

Ok so we lost. Whatever! hahahah.

In terms of business implementation I have learned a lot. And thats the main reason why I play this game. As I relate my team vs our enemy the only way to defeat them is accuracy.

Everytime we release the ball it should go straight in the basket. No mistakes. Then we have defence. Plus a good play. How do you acheive it? practice!

In the business world im expecting the same level of challenge as to what I expereince right now. People would tell me "Di mo kaya yan!" or "Umuwi ka nalang." other factors would probably be a battle of bidding between my team vs other bigger team just like basketball.

However, in contrast to basketball software development or establishing your business is not a matter of physical strength but mentally. It's all about passion.

Where passion=determination+hardwork*luck(luck=being prepared at the right time when the opportunity comes your way)

The term passion is just the basic skills you need to face the world of unknow. Still faith in God plays the overall strength in life.

As I slowly build my teams which is compose of 3 persons including me, I still need to learn a lot about life.

Sports is a very good way to unplug your way through work. You dont want to end your life the same way NBI director waycoco and famous actor FPJ experience right? Where the neurons of their brain exploded due to over work and pressure.

Another thing that I have learned was jogging and eating the right food are not enough to feel safe of being face with a cardiac arrest. We just have to unplug our thoughts forget about workand enjoy life.

Oh well, this is just my own personal theory. Till then


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