Fairy god mother and airplane

My vacation was a blast!!! it was one of the best ever...

Before I will share to you my experience I would like to talk to you about fairy god mothers. Yup these things exist in a real world. And I mean it. Who says fairy tales never happen in the real world?

If you ever read the story of Cinderella one of the greatest things happend to her was her fairy god mother gave to her everything she needs in order to be happy.

Fairy god mothers are real people who are instruments that will connect in your life and make your dreams happen. You name it and you'll get it for free. All they ask is your presence to experience the magic.

In my life I have two fairies. One is not my relative but a family friend and the other is my mothers sister. Just imagine shoping to a mall and buy everything you wan't! and I mean everything.

We tour around cebu and almost every major mall's out there. From ayala, sm and robinsons. Then we visited bohol it was a very awesome tour and educational. From visiting to the 2nd oldest church in the philippines, touching and taking pictures from those cute tarsier, eating in a floating resturant with an acustic harana who understands youth music, a magnificent view of those chocolate hills until we reach the hotel drained...I had a lot of laughters with my relatives and family. It's like a reunion to us.

I think that the best thing was being unplug from work and just live your life.

Even at my last day in cebu was memorable. Base on our calculation from bohol to the airport I will be late in the flight and we decided that I should join them and take a separte travel and pay the necessary bills in the airport. So they decided to stop me from being rush and prefer to stay with them and just join the family. And then book me on the last flight. So that's what I did. I book myself at 5pm flight since it was the only available flight then told the agancy that I would take the chance passanger for the 3pm flight. It was pretty ok when after a couple of hours I realize that my original flight was delayed. Instead of 10pm it took them at around 11pm to board. When suddenly I saw the flight schedule I decided to hurry up and ask for me to get board. I told them about my situation then they told me that everything was fully book and there was no way that I could get on board because I change my flight. I debate my way to them but still it seems so impossible to get on board. I even brought my aunt to talk to them.

I thought it was a hopeless case then we decided to eat else where when suddenly my sister talk to one of those radio operator in cebu who can connect the staff inside the airplane and ask for me to get in when suddenly my sister called me to get on board. I was surprise and I hurry up packing all my things. I even run together with one of the staff. Until I finally get inside the airplane when suddenly....some people clap their hands as I enter the plane.

Damn I was so ashame about it. While walking they where clapping their hands. I don't know why? is there something about me? I wonder what's the Big deal about it?

Maybe the plane did really wait for me and it was ment to be mine.

For now it will be the most memorable experience I will ever had.


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