Abstract Rotation

I remember remeber when I was in my third year college when I had this insane teacher name richard base aka wildfire, during our first meeting this guy speak words that are love to hear by most students including me hehehe. He seems to convince most students that IT is so cool and those students who are enrolled at it is the best students that our almamater could ever had. Hmmm sounds like Bill Gates to me hehehe.

During that time when most teachers had this terrifying introduction about computer science things like "only a few of you will survive and better shift now or pay the consequence of your action!" this guy seems to do it in a different way. Ok he's nice as what you might say however, the dark phase of this most students lies at the middle of the class where you have entered the point of no return its either to fail or to pass.

So one day when most of us would crave for his subjects since he talks so cool and interesting the time has come when he have to unleash his true blood so he gave us a project as insane as him and it was all about graphics and math. And when I say math I mean it because before you will ever run a single object you have to seek for the right formula form calculus, liner algebra, trigonometry you name it and list is on...

Ok I may describe him as a vicious monster but hey in the end it's all worth to all those students who really work hard to achieve the impossible. So here is my project called abstaract rotation.

Notice that this project was done on a dos command language name turbo pascal. Here is the intro:

Heptagon was the name of our grup that time...

and here is the title...

This image may look wierd to you but this is an animation line that would slice in to two parts then the first line will move upward and the second line would move downward.

behold the main menu! ok i may be over exagerated in here but during the dos years building a graphical interface with a mouse the works like point, click, and mouse move is something more like building a rocket with all jaws dropping when the audience saw our presentation.

Here are some cool shots:

and this one is my fovorite...the most difficult calculation I ever had...The sphere

Thats it! it was a 3 months project. During that time of development it was nothing but code code and code.

Here is the animation when the program close.

Overall the program generated 4,050 lines of code. There was no direct X or anything except for the graphics of course but over all it was pure math and logic.

All done within 3 months. My group got the highest score of course hehehe. I couldn't done it without the help of my highschool classmate name Wilmon. I want the world to know that im thanking him too thanks dude!

Oh since the code has all been stuck in my pc for the longest time im now giving it for free to anyone who is interested in learning a lot of things. Download it on my site: http://www11.brinkster.com/wormztechno/downloads/3d.rar may you improve it.


TeenyBopper said…
lolz... yeah right i could remember my rotation program way back in his subject.. and come to think of it.. I am the only girl in the group who defended the said program.. as in surrounded by geeks eh? hahahha but unfortunately i lost my files on it.. duh! gotta save yours and see it...

hmmm do you miss wildfire? *sounds fishy* joke
maks said…
hahahaha no wonder you are always adored by most geeks. :D

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