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For the past week it was a hell work here and there. Non stop consultation with all those users and bam just one day I realize 4 modules are up and running. Thank God! Hurray for I have completed the 1% task that I should complete.

And now as I approch the final level I think it's ganna be hell for me. So how complicated is this mission impossible that im working at. Here is a brief description:

1. It's a one man one company challenge.
2. It has 9 departments and 1 separate branch with a 1 km distance apart from the main company.
3. The final stage is totaly insane because imagine this: you have 8 more departments left but if you want to complete this department it must be run simultaneously. Only a small amount of error should take place or else you'll be messing up with an electric company bill's.
4. My deadline is this comming december.

The hardest part of this challenge is running them all together at the same time its because I wonder how would I be able to supervise their system considering they have 2 branch.

There are a lot of things on my mind right now to the point that I had this one dream that it seems so real as if it was so real that I begaun to ask myself how do you know the dream world and the real world? ok fine I guess its too much matrix in my mind.

A lot of things really happen last week and I have to work harder if i don't wan't to spend my christmas alone on this office....grrr its ganna be a nightmare for me. Imagine spending christmas or newyear alone in your cubicle. It's insane!


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Interesting stuff! I'm bookmarking you now! :*)

I have a small blog about search engines but nothing close to this.

Keep up the good work! :*)
TeenyBopper said…
yeah right it is really stupid ...
very insane... hehehe
maks said…
ok to all those internet guys out there who are marketing their product please im not interested because I plan to have my own business.

Yes my job is difficult and I have tons of things to rant about it. But I believe if I can pull this up and make things happen I can create jobs and provide employment to my countrymen.

So please won't you mind stop spamming my blog. But if you can't help it ok fine help your self and make sure you enjoy.

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