User's Hell

The big event happend last saturday when I told myself that I must complete 2 departments. For almost a month now im always stuck whenever I presented a module to the user. One of their greates big deal complain was it's too slow. They are not talking about the speed of the system as it does the processe but rather the functionality of the module they use.

What about functionality?

The thing about this functionality as I tried to understand this hell users is they would prefer keybord keys rather than the mouse to make their task quite faster as compared to mouse. Even if I always tried to tell them that at the right time it will come but still they are hesitant to use it. I guess they where so used to with keyboard .

When it comes to keyboard keypressed keys like ctrl+A, ctrl+B, ctrl+C and so on is not enough most especialy when combining forms with objects such as tabs because sometimes this users felt that it acts the same except that your using a keyboards instead of mouse.

After understanding what they really want the final answer was the enter key. What they really want is something like whenever the cursor is focus on the first object such as your textbox as they pressed the enter key it should focus on the second object which is closer to the first object then to the thrid, forth, fifth until it reach the last object and once the last object was reach as they pressed the enter button it should prompt for the save message box. As they press the yes button it should prompt the print option wherein they will be given a choice of print or cancel.

I was so deterimine to work on that last saturday I almost skip lunch but the thing about not eating your food is I became more focus and persevere with a condtion that I ate my breakfast. More something like you have enough in your stomach. Then once I finish ate my lunch I became dizzy.

As I present it to some users who are present that afternoon they where happy and find it more easily to use than ever before. As a developer I only had one happines and that is seeng my work being used by most users. It was a success I tell you. Tomorrow again will be another battle with these hell monster. I must compete this path before I can proceed to the other modules since most of them will probably ask for this kind of feature. If ever they would use it then im 1% complete and my deadline is moving fast like the speed of light.

Till then as soon as I won't be able to fix this problem I won't be able to blog that much. I can tell that this life of mine is close to hell.


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