User's Stupidity

Yes I know that most user's are idiot and it's my job as a developer to create something like an idiot proof but does it have to include their stupidity in avoiding my system since they demand for a memo? Darn it! I beleive that these type of employees are more than idiot, deeper than idiot i guess.

Mentally retarded I guess is the right word?

Ok temper temper dude it's just that sometimes users are so "pa presyo" or shall I say stubborn employee. Do I have to bring an AGM(Assistant to the General Manager) or report them to the CFO(Chief Financial Officer) just for them to obey orders which by the fact is my responsiblity.

Sometimes I just can't please all of them and that's what make mad and I mean mad like hell.

There's one very good thing that I realize whenever I am mad. Most of the time if they are so idiot enough not to follow orders(orders like just use the freaking system to determine your problems and needs) all I do is walk-out of them go back to my computer fix the bug and then go back to them present the improvements and lets talk about the system.

The good side of this is it helps me ease the anger because instead of arguing endlessly his social problems such as: "di pa naman ginagamit ng kabilang department wag muna na tin gagamitin pero testing testingin ko lang" or "nag hahang man daw program mo sa kabilang department kaya mag foxpro muna ako (even if the hang problem was fix 2 weeks ago already)" see what i mean? Most of them keeps on reasoning things that are beyond their problems because their problem is simply to encode things they are paid for and not to takle problems beyond their scope. My principle to them is simple I entertain other problems but its my job to fix those so focus on your task period.

I tell you this is awefully painfull as it generates more pressure in your head. What else is my choice im a one man vs multiple employee. I choose this path and I had walk this path its up to me to be challenged and face them face to face or simply turn back and go home.

Life in a world where most employee are resistant to change sucks big time.


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