It's Game Time

Yesterday evening at around 7pm we had a basketball game in the place they called "Acropolis" its really a nice place. I beleive only the rich can afford a house there because of its class A type of subdivision. I had seen a number of house where no one lives there maybe its a place for vacation who knows and who cares...

Our reserve time was from 6pm to 8pm and due to some "pasundo" people where we have to fetch them in their house plus the traffic jam the one hour time was totally wasted. Lucky for me I don't have to pay the bill. Poor guys it cost them P450(1$=P56) for the two hours. That's what you get when you don't plan before executing something.

We had 3 games in one hour and it was fun. I did not waste the time so I played all the three games and im proud to announce I never loose hahahaha. Talk about the cool fiber glass and a very cool floor. I think they put some kind of a rubber inside of it because it was not slippery as compared to other gym. It was like one of the class A type of court.

After the game it feels good to expereince the sweat plus the muscle pain that im experiencing right now. It really makes me feel fit and more productive as I can think more and faster. I just hope I can have more games like this to take away those stress.

Playing is good for your health. You should have time for it.


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