Alien! finally after deleting all the records and resotring new data everything is complete. My laptop run for almost 2 weeks non-stop.

While my laptop was converting data I decided to buy another 6 movie collection of Keanu Reevs. Matirx 1,2,3, Constantine, The Devils Advocate and Animatrix all roled into one DVD. Right now I have 2 6 movie collection. Will Smith and Keanu Reevs. Im looking for one more and I prefer the movie Lord of the Rings. I don't know what will be the combination of another 6.

Tech Talk

While my computer converts those data I still managed to program some modules and so far I finish 2 departments property department and CCD(Customer Communication Department). In my previous blog I have shown you the property modules and today will be the CCD modules.

Here are the 3 modules that I accomplish:

iBot - a highly sophisticated server manager that handles packets of job order and assign it to corresponding users. Wired eh? hehehe here is the screen shots.

This is the picture of our server particularly windows server 2003 with sp1. And below it under the statusbar is the iBot(the first icon in the left most)

What it does is it listen for in coming packets form users who trigger the save button and then analyze the data and send it to the assigned users who are authorized to receive the job orders.

Recently I made a major overhaul of the system. I realize I made a lot of mistakes which causes it to send double poping job orders, sending job orders to the sender, job orders did not pop out or worse the iBot initialize an infinite loop. Thank God to never ending test and debugging I finally got it right.

Here is the picture once you double click the icon:

Cryptic code with alienated syntax hehehe...

Enough of server picture. The next one is the customer relation module. Here's how it looks:

By selecting the department you want to issue a job order a corresponding complains will appear on the combo box. From there the users can choose what type of complains he wants to issue.

Customer relation module has an AJO(Auto Job Order formerly JOO. I change it back to AJO since its more accurate interms of its definition as compared to JOO) functionality. Though printing can still be used but still the deafult recomended features is still paperless.

By the way this module will be the first one to test the real score of AJO tomorrow morning.

Another one is the Averia module.

The averia module is the one who receives the job order that was issued by the customer relation. Once the user receive it all the necessary information the user needs will immediately appear.

In these picture the user can select different types averia such as walk-in, by phone and select the corresponding complains. The user can issue a complains without being dependent with the customer relation since this module is intended for relaying the jobs to its crew which is in the field.

Another feature that I did was integrating the customer location in one form. In here you can view the list of customers. The first 30 people that will appear will be the choosen customer neighbors that are before him. The order is sorted by district number, book and sequence. Then another 30 neighbors that are after him. Which means the selected users is always at number 31.

This module is important to the crew as they trace for the location of customer within their target area of responsibilities.

Another module is the joborder. Here the users can trace if the said job order has been relayed or accomplish. Most of the time they used it to book mark any customers who request for complains and to whom it was address.

Integrating all this stuff is not a very easy task, its sure was tough. Lots of test just to perfect this module and even right now im not even sure if this baby can really take the challenge as soon as deployed tomorrow.

I remember last saturday when we had a test on this module. I can tell you it was not an easy task from time to time I receive some unusual errors which leaves me quite puzzled with a big question mark on top of my head.

The last but not the lest shot.

Sometimes customers ask for their balance at the middle of the night or way beyond the office hours. It is best to equip them with payments and outstanding balance to guide them.

One of the major problem that i face during the development cycle was not actually the interface it's aligning their database to mine. I have been searching for the right data in order to provide result but I always end with a wall. Something like: have you ever had this feeling that your system is so lost that you think your data and theirs are not align to the point that you had one solution but to drop this project and consider it as a failure? ok too much emotion hehehe. Honsetly, thats what I felt. However, everyday as I think of it even in my dreams and nightmare I finally got a temporary solution just to make it run. So here it is up and running.

As you can see my life right not is so freaking busy and lots of complexity. Everything has to change as I modify some important aspect of the sql server which makes it more like rewritting all over again but not really.

This has been a long blog a very long one just to make up to all the lost time i had. Tomorrow will be the showdown let's see what happen argh im still worried with my field inspection module. Focus man... hehehe Good night world....


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