Bad Luck

For the past 4 days was filled with bad luck for me. Starting with thursday. I was quite excited about the next basketball even since it's ganna be something awesome to look on to considering the fact that both teams are really good.

However, due to the weather condition it was suspended. There was no game at all. Then I go back to my office to simply do the job then came along the son of the commissioner. He want's to check out his cellphone since I allowed him to charge.

The funny thing about it was twice he went in and out of our room. Then he leaves the room telling me that his father was already present and waiting for him.

Then after 30 mins one of my officemate cellphone was missing. Ouch! Of course there was only one suspect. Though we did not made and instant assurance about it but still he was the main suspect.

Then the next day which is friday. After a couple of analysis one of our officemate help us. She knows one teacher who works at the same school where the boy is studying. I guess she ask for their adviser's help and was confirm it was the stolen phone. At the same time the other officemate was already talking to the father.

The father immediately look for the boy and saw it on his own eyes and return the phone at around 3pm afternoon.

I was hoping for a happy ending. I thought the curse of last year that hunt me was over. Since last year someone enter's my own room and stole my phone and a P300 cash.

Then the next day which is saturday. I decided to invite the same officemate that I was with last year when the incident occur. It was actually my first time to unwind and check out the mall since my father is looking for an ipod nano adapter.

After a happy tour around the mall and while going back to my office. Again my cell phone slide outside my packet and tantananan...I lost my phone.

Strike 2 for me...I wonder what will happen next year's december. Argh.


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