Dork guy in the office

I think this blog will be another dark stories that I can share to you and at the same time quite a learning too.

Everything starts last tuesday. The dork guy im blogging about is our network administrator inside CELCOR.

It was a fine tuesday back then and I was preparing for the final showdown of my system next week. I had a peding job which is to install my application to the other computer since last week the harddisk fails and took a rest in peace mode.

The funny thing about it was the network administrator configure its own operating system in a very strange way because in order to access a network instead of the usual //computername you have to change it to //ipaddress. It was odd. But anyway, I did not mind at all since I was in a good mood.

When I tried running my program I notice that it won't log-in to the server and I thougth its because of the network line. I told him that it was ok and he can now install it to the user so they may proceed with their task.

After the installation I check it back then still it won't log-in to the server then I realize that it's all because of the configuration of the computer since in order to access the server you need to use the ip address. I check my program and tried changing it to IP address however, it was too slow I guess because of the security features of the server.

I told the dork guy in a very gentle way I can but to my surpirse the whimp began raising his voice in a very frustrated way and told me this "Sinabi ko sayo na ayusin muna natin dito bago ilagay sa kabilang department" (in a very angry way) then he walks out of the office with a slamming door. I was surprise and my blood instantly rise in an anger mode.

He did carry the computer and configure the settings into a standard setup where I can access the computers using computer name. Then I was in a revenge mode to insult him and I told him "Ok na ang program pwede mo na yang i balik" (in a senyorito way hahaha) I think I pisss him off.

I know he heard me but pretend not to instead he focus on other things.

Then late in the moring at around 11:30 am he proceed to the network server and configure something then as soon as he leaves internet connection was down. I have doubt that this guy has something to do with it and I don't belive in coincidence since our internet connection has been stable for the past months.

I waited for the right time because I might be wrong. I might be the only one who is affected not until 1 pm when everyone was already complaining. We called the internet provider but they said that we are online there was no problem. Technically its inside the office.

I observe everything from modems, hubs to swithes and I even perform trial and error on the wires. Then suddenly the dork guy visited the office at around 8pm. One of my officemate inform him about the internet connection then he checks the network server perform the necessary operation. Funny but it took him 5 mins when in fact he told us that we should simply reset the modem. Reseting the modem would only take 3 seconds since all you need is to unplug it and plug it again. Then he blames it to the rain.

Ok fine! as soon as he leaves the room I instantly check everything and then tantananan...I notice that the hub is in the normal mode. The progressbar is suddenly shift from static full bar to dynamic one bar. Then I officially declare that I have solid proof that by shorting the hub was the main reason of all!

At night I was preparing for my ultimate script to insult him once and for all since this guy has been very rude even at the beginning. I remeber all the insult that he told me and tried to convert it to anger. So I can be as mad as hell hahaha. I keep on repeating my speach to the point that I can't even sleep since I keep on thinking about it. It was more like im having a stress problem and I was even awake at around 5:30am and keep on thingking about it.

Then I wake up early take a bath and get ready.

When I arrive at the office I decided to read some news and blogs the funny thing about it is all my madness melted like an ice expose in a normal weather. Then after 1 hour and 30 mins the dork guy arrive but the problem is I don't have the guts already...cough cough cough.

I decided to tell myslef I have to do it since it is for his own good. I have to teach this guy a lesson or else the culture inside our room will never change . It took me I guess 30 mins and finally I decided to speak once and for all!

I stand up and face him and talk to him it goes like this:

ME:"Dork guy ikaw ba kung mag setup ka ng OS ba wag mo iniiba ng kung ano ano tulad nung kay ..... ginawa mong ipaddress ang pag access i balik mo lang sa dati."

Dork guy:"sandali may nasira ba? di ba maka conenct?"

ME: "oo hindi! di maka login program ko at naapektohan pa yung program ko!"

then he shuts up! and my finale

ME: "at isa pa kung napipikon ka sa mga sinasabi ko wag mong i damay pati internet connection natin ha jinajamjam mo pa!"

Dork Guy: "*surpirse*...Pinagbibintangan mo ba ako?"

ME: "Bakit sino pa bang iba?"

Dork Guy: "Kaya mo bang patunayan yan?"

ME: "oo kaya ko may problema ka?"

Dork Guy: "Mag ingat ka sa pinagsasabi mo!"

ME: "Umayos ka sa buhay mo!"

then I leave the room to avoid more collision and eat my breakfast. I thought that after I express everything it would be over and my mind would be clear but I was wrong. Dead wrong because the effect was so traumatic that I couldn't eat well and my mind seems to filled with anger and madness.

I couldn't even thing about my codes and everything was dark. No wonder executives grows old too fast because of this kind of personality. Argh.

Half of my day was wasted talking to other people outside our department. Talking nonsense and funny things just to divert my thoughts and forget about the crappy things I did that day.

Then I slept at around 1pm and bam my mind was reset and I was on for a good programming mood.

The best of all we even manage to have our first win in our basketball game that day. Our first ever win! yahoo....and I live happily ever after.

The end hahaha!


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