Hurray, Hurray, Hurray for me...

Finally! I've just got my long awaited vengence. I nailed him in the cross and while watching a couple of feet I give him the finger hahaha. Im over exagerated!

You might be thingking that im talking to the dork guy that pisss my day last time. Your wrong dead wrong. Actually my vengence has nothing to do with computers nor network hubs.

It's all about the game! Basketball games as usual.

I remember last december of 2003 when I just arrive in this place it was dark and the wind blows quite strong but not that strong. I had this ball where I just borrowed and tried to burn some fats just to make my self busy and enjoy the night while wondering what will happen to my future.

Then came in an unknown guy who simply join with me playing balls. The usual shooting and dribbling then came out the challenge. He ask me for a one on one. Then I said ok fine since I have been practicing quite sometime and I was confident enough with my trigger hand to nail him down but I was wrong!

During the one on one most of my shots came from the 3 point perimiter but it was not counted as 2 points since there was no deal about it.

I lost the game *pitty me* I was not strong enough to hold on to my stamina. A one on one game really needs a lot of stamina, accuracy and perhaps luck.

I decided to work on it. Every night after work I keep on working out have some 20 rounds of jogging and do some shooting but I never got the chance back. Maybe I was not good enough back then and my destiny was kind enough not to allow it.

Then came last sunday night. The day I never expected. It was a boring night since the players are not enough to complete the full court game. We need more 4 players. While waiting for some players this guy once again challenge me after 2 years. 2 years of grief and mourning since I lost the battle.

Little did he know that I decided to focus and was determin to beat him once and for all. I condition both mind and body for the final showdown.

During the game I assure myself that I will not miss a shot. Everything must be on the right move and no more funny tricks that may allow him the opportunity to win.

At the first 5mins it was a tight game. In every release of the ball it's nothing but basket.


Then one by one he losses his guard, I steal the ball twice and block his shots 4 times. Every attempt he made was securely guarded. I dictate my self that I must win or forever I will be the looser of my life hahaha.


Of course you can't win with just defense alone you need to score to win. Then came some of my deadly moves. I out run him with my cross over move everytime he comes close or even if he keeps on moving back ward I keep on getting closer until I can perform my ever improve cross over.

Next is my hurricane spin that he never anticipated. During my practice I alwas wonder on how to perform a simillar crossover move in a situation where your crossover won't work due to your current situation. Example is when you are at the right side of the court. Then came the turn around move with similar quickness. It was deadly too.

Jump shots and fade away makes it harder for him to block and anticipate my move. Imagine doing the crossover or the turn around move then suddenly you perform the jumper. More like Michael Jordan moves hahaha. It was worth practicing.

It was fun though. Some people where even watching our one on one including strangers hehehe. I feel the pride that time as if I gain the respect that I wanted for 2 years of preparation.

This would be forever memory in my heart. My ego is officially upgraded and I can face the world with high hopes.


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