The freelancer guy

It's been 2 years since I deceided to take this challenge and prove that I have got the balls to build this system in CELCOR. Who would have think that a geek guy would take this challenge and just be insane.

Well, I did!

I remeber the week before I decided to just go and take this challenge. It was the last week of november 2003 when I receive a phone call over my cellphone and a guy name john ask me if I was interested in doing a major overhaul of their system. Back then I just finish my first ever major project which was an enrollment system. It was under maintenance mode where all I did was inspecting database integrity and accuracy. In some way i felt bored with my life despite the fact that I just finsh the system. Quite ironic but I guess human being will never be satisfied with material things even in software development.

When I inform my mother about it she said a big No!. She said that the offer was too small and I don't want you to risk it. The same is true with my father. Ok then when the second call arrive I said sorry but my parents says no! I did not expect that match and simply go on with whatever life could offer me however, a third call came in and the price was doubled. And I said ill think about it. I was so excited and argue my way to my parents just for me to let go. And the next day bam! I bought a ticket.

The day when I step my foot out of the car and into the airport I was surpirse to see my X boss together with his wife. While walking I look at them and smiled but guess what? they simply look down together as if I never exist. Oh well, im taking your project as I talk to my mind. I was evil then...greed with powers.

The day I step into this place I decided to make one mission to crash them and show this company that I have what it takes...And bring it on what you can give. I was morph into a workaholic-geeky-monster. I work 15/7, from 7am to 10pm with 1 hour break. After 3 months, I felt I was dying with stress. There where days when my body suddenlt wakes up at 3am in the morning and I just can't sleep until sunrise. Damn it was hell. Everyday, I was getting thinner and thinner.

Then I realize to just let go! And learn to balance my life. I learn to eat more and more and just enjoy life. I still manage to work hard.

One of the most ridiculous thing that happen to my life was for the longest time of my life I have never watch TV. It was last year but right now I enjoy watching the news but I never tried watching beyond those time except a little glance. I wonder what's happening to the entertainment world of TV?

In terms of possitive results well two major events happen to me over the last 2 years. And I beleive I will always cherish this. One was presentation. Imagine in a close room pack with high caliber officials ranging from managers, assistant to the general manager and CFO(Chief Financial Officer) together with selected employee I presented my system using my laptop and 2 additional monitor. Just imagine people are very silent listening to everyword you said and looking at you in a very respected way. Man it's priceless I tell you.

The second one was a big one too. I was invited in a meeting together with high ranking officials including the CEO and I talk about improvements on their system. More like a combination of real world system and the world of database.

Imagine a 25 year old and single inside a board meeting together with these people with an average age of 30, 40 and even 50 who work years just to achieve their position. And as for me no sweat! hahaha more like a shortcut for me. I even remember that some of them even question or worse disregard my ideas. But then I fight for it and win!

So now I began to mesmerize to what I did and begin to wonder how's the system after 2 years jerk? Well, I think I failed. At the last week of november the NPC(National Power Corp.) decided to revise the billing since the E-VAT was implemented. Sad to say that I could no longer catch the dead line and I think im already dead. But I still think there is hope despite of everything. But my only problem are my clients back in davao. I have made a promise to go back and work with them after december 2005.

My life right now is full of uncertainties because of the path that I choose and what keeps me going is the passion that burns inside and the hope that someday everything will be fine.

I therefore conclude, that freelance is an adventure that contains the same stories of your favorite fantasy such as Lord of the Rings wherein your given a task to become the ring bearer and what would you do if that task comes to you?


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