My December

It’s been a while since I blogg since I left my work place- Cabanatuan City – in exchange of my dream place – Davao City-. Seriously, speaking I was planning to spend my Christmas and New Year at my work place inside in a cubicle and be as geeky as I want to be but things have change when someone told me that she will be coming to the Philippines just to see me and spend time for me -I know she just want to go to her dentist to remove her wisdom tooth by her dentist *just kidding*- I said to myself “It’s definitely a good deal.” I was getting sick and tired of my world in my work place and I need a break desperately.

2006 was really my year in terms of extra curricular activities and history in the making because I did give me a good karma after three years. For the first time in my life I never lost my Cellphone last December. I remember that since I started working in my work place every second week of December its either someone stole my phone or I drop it inside the vehicle with the same person. Something is telling me that the person I hang-out during December for the past two years is someone you should not trust. But I was so freaking scared that I would lost my phone again for the third time considering that it was my only way of communicating with someone who was I going to met for the first time. Fortunately, everything went smooth and I did not lost my phone for the first time and now it is written in my own history book.

The second most important thing that happened to my life was I won my first ever trophy in my life. I have learned a lot on what it takes to earn something that is as precious as my trophy. It helped me realize on how the real world works and made me reflect about what businessmen means when they say “luck”. Hard work has always been my first priority in mind but I never understand what luck really is not until I experience it. Now I can say that luck is something where you are in a perfect place, perfect time and perfect condition. It is a combination of mastering the basic principles of your game, a condition mind where you have a broader understanding of how your opponent expects to play with a desire to be the best and a well fit body where your body responds and perform the way your mind wants.

The third most important that I discovered which I rarely discuss in my blogg is to fall in love. This may sound very disturbing for me because I rarely discuss this on my blogg but then again I do believe that being inspired is the best thing I discovered among the three things I learned last year. When you are really in love and not just an infatuation you can really feel that there is appreciation of yourself because the person you love somehow became a mirror and reflects to you how much you love her. It’s like your morning shines because both of you share the same level of respect, love and treatment. Unlike infatuation where I can feel that only one person who is truly, madly and deeply in love works hard to keep the relationship and ends up suffering the price in the end.

To Nonna Antquisa thanks for putting colors in my life, you made me realize that the world is wonderful if we put brighter moments in our daily life.

The fourth most important elements in life are real friends who stick for better or for worse. Everyday in my working place I always have to deal with living my life alone making things happened. Sometimes during those journeys you are face with challenges that will test your limits and make you feel that you are in your lowest point of your life. Spending time with your geeky friends allows me to realize that simple celebrations (1.5 liter of coke, hot porky best and mallows at the top of a car) can create bigger impacts in life provided they are spend with friends who shares the same passion for computers.

A new year have just began and its time to make a good start for a better life in the near future.


Jane Smith said…
wow! nice jump start for 2007 :D surprised to hear about ur personal life geekhead. but one thing's for sure, that girl is very much lucky to have in her life. keep it up.
Jane Smith said…
have u in her life...sorry
Anonymous said…
Belated Happy bday dearest Mark! Glad that you were home for Christmas and to have someone you truly feel for and care for. Take care and much love,

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