Para kang artista...whaaat?

Just this morning at around 8:02 am I decided to eat my usual breakfast. However, since this monday a new set of people took charge of the canteen since they have problems with the previous person who took charge on it since 15 years I guess. Its all about money shortage. I guess the COOP had enough of it. Honestly, whenever I compare the previous and the present I prefer the new people. The canteen became more organize and clean minus the dude who stole my cellphone last year. Though I really don't mind him but deep inside I wan't to get even with him. As time past by I learn to forgive and did not really mind him then just this monday they where all fired I guess. For me we are even now and I am happy. Just to remind you I didn't ask for this I guess its God will. It just happen. I didn't even ask for it.

Back to the topic...while I was eating and talking to my seat mate while eating the 2 vendors who are inside the canteen ask me if I already paid or sign then I told them yes. To my surprise the girl immediately express something like this

Girl:"Alam mo iba ang dating mo. Para kang artista."
Moron me: *shock and surpirse* at the back of my head I talk something like this *what the heck? are you ok? wala ka pa atang breakfast hahahaha*
Moron me: binobola mo naman ako nyan eh. *with flatering smile bwahahaha*
Girl: Hind totoo.
Moron me: *immediately shuts up and prefer not to speak* *at the back of my mind is she serious or its the other way around?*

after eating...I smile and say bye bye. While walking I said to my self "siguro kung araw araw ganito ang buhay mo magiging masaya tayo nyan. hahaha". This time I really act stupid because after the situation I begin to look at mirrors and began to be conscious with myslef (trying hard to act like one hahaha). I begin to ask myself how the heck that happen? I mean with the kind of work I have most of the time, I look like a hagard monster whenever I stare at my reflection. Thats the reason why I don't really like mirrors because I see monsters whenever I look at it.

But then again, as I ponder I guess its the charm of being a wormz dude hahaha.


Jane Smith said…
diba kamukha mo si bobby andrews!

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