Blogging Schedule

I decided to put a schedule on my blogging and so with my internet surfing time. My surfing and blogging time will be limited to saturday and sundays but whenever I feel board and feel I have something to blogg out then there will always be an exemption in my rules. :D Why am I doing this? its because I need to boos my development stage with my system because im stuck. I have been staying in here for about 1 year and 6months which was supposedly to be for 3 months only. Argh yet another miscalculation on my part. Im still excited once this system will be full blown and ready to use but my fear is the maintenace part. I have a fear that again another 1 year will be added if I don't act fast and think deep. Indeed life as a developer creates a very unpredictable life. Pending from my mindanao clients have been very impatient lately. Most of them wants to talk to me and ask when do I start the system and sign the contract? Wholly smoke it seems I can't get enough time with everyone.

Whenever I reminisce the day when I just get started I was so impatient why there where no customers besides students who want's their thesis to get fix. But again those where the days. But right now most of my clients are witing for me. Then I begin to ask myself where the hell are you when I need you? where the hell are you when I was bored? And now that I have a very interesting project why in the world you want my time and skills? why why why too much why.

A piece of advice to my self shut up and go back to work, go back to work, go back to work. hehehe. Nahhh im having a break let me blog first. Weird isn't it? sometimes I had the feeling that I share the same personality with golum (Lord of the rings) hahhaha. Wierd? indeed it is.


Anonymous said…
Funny... someone named 'tweety' also text-ed me asking for some quotation for an accounting system. I hope they're not the same tweeeeety.

Hehehe... good luck!


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