Connecting and Accessing database via VC++

I was quite bored while i wait my system converting those humungoes database from visual foxpro to sql server, then I decided to give some time with vc++ 6.0 just to keep me alive. Then I begin to wonder how would it be difficult if i use vc++. First was of course find some instant answer and since the web is full of it I saw one very interesting code. Here it was:
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Though I was facinated with the way it was done. A little tweak and bam and can already access sql server here is the code:strCnn("Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=database_name;Data Source=computer_name"); however, there was one problem. I just hate the word while since it was too slow to loop compared to for statment. And there it was the beginning of a new challenge. Never have I realize that it was so darn hard simply to change from while to for. Though it may sound simplier when you use any high tech language but the fun of working on c/c++ can never be duplicated. I guess im beginning to act more like a geek hehehe. After 2 days of simply analyzing how to work in it finally I did it. And here is the code tanan... #import "c:\Program

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Im so proud with my code. Watch out for the next release this time with gui form.


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