Cross Platform

I have been searching for solutions on how to build a cross platform application with an exception of java. Why not java? well i have seen a lot of articles describing java as one of the worse from speed to memory handling. Yesterday, i tried visiting just wondering who is on top of the list. After a series of click there and there and everywhere I found a wonderful toolkit and its wxWidgets. Its a GUI toolkit that can perform crossplatform from windows, linux and mac. Im impress with the tools considering that they even got screen shoots and a lot of people are using their tools. But the drawback is the word geeky. Since its an opensource technology I can't help but smash my head to the wall as I try to configure my VC++ 6.0 to use its library. Though I still can't get it right now i think its very much promissing in the future of my applications. Whenever I configure it I realize how hard it is and how stupid I am taking for granted the technology of microsoft. Simple things like drag and drop, easy installation, integration of both software and web are just the many things microsoft have develop are indeed difficult in the world of technology. Then I realize that its so easy to pick the short sided part of every microsoft tools such as its too bulky, its too small and so on without realizing that connecting information from one application to the other are as twice as hell in understanding the concept of company system.

Now I realize why microsoft charge are expensive. But then again you still suck cause your too expensive and I can't afford a license hahaha. Anyway, I would like to remain an open mind and try different tools and i find wxwidgets (by the way this tools is not for everyone since it's a c++ language) to be very interesting and most of its api is clean and the syntax seems to be closer to rapid application development minus the drag and drop of course.


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