Some Cool Links

Gabor's Blog: How Researchers are Reinventing the Mail Client

David Crow: DIY: DemoCamp in your town

Why Students Make Great Entrepreneurs

I got all this links to Sacha's blog. I was about to post her link but it was quite confusing. You can still check her links:


Sacha said…
Glad you found those useful! Is there anything you find particularly confusing about my bookmarks?
maks said…
Hi sacha thanks for dropping by. The reason why i said it's confusing is because whenever I tried to go back to the links that you presented particularly this post alone was quite hard because all the latest post you write are being presented and I have to search for it again one by one. What I want is something similar to blogger where I could provide a specific link that I blog and be able to present that topic alone. In that way most of my readers won't be confuse.

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