From Dog Meat to Froggy

July is a month that I should not take for granted because when it rains it pours in my place. For the past weeks, rains have gone none stop not until last Saturday.

Rainy season is something that makes my life more miserable than ever before. The unpredictable weather makes things difficult for me than ever before, small stores like the turo-turo ones are sometimes closed at your desperate moments, floods are everywhere, day dreaming on how it feels good to sleep is absolutely leveled in maximum persuasion, and transportation such as cars is suddenly morph from something luxury to a basic necessity to individuals. Too bad I don’t have one.

On the 13th of July 2006 was an absolute experience that would totally shook my insanity and forever changed into abnormality. I happened to forget my dinner and left it inside the canteen since, I was so sleepy and lazy enough to wake up at around 6:20 pm instead of the usual 5pm. As optimism as I can be I was hopping that there is one person who was busy enough to stay inside the canteen to work into something. But, it turn out nobody was there and I was left with a medium size sign board that says, “CLOSED.”

What choice do I have but, to eat outside and consider branded restaurants as means to satisfy the undying crave of my stomach. As I get near the guard house I heard the two guards talking about frogs. More like “Kailangan pa natin ng dalawa pang palaka.Dalawa dalawa…” I did not really mind it because I just thought that they were talking about how noisy are those froggy are. Not until, I reach our gate and I was waiting for an empty tricycle to come nearby. As I lean to my back I saw the two guards carrying a stick and a flash light, as they approach me I ask one of them:

Me: “What’s up with the stick and the flash light?”
Guard: “Maghahanap kami ng palaka dyan sa tabi ng kalsada.”
Me: “Huh? Bakit? Anohin nyo ang palaka?”
Guard: “Gawing ulam!”
Me: “What the !@#$ Atttiiiik? Sure ka?”
Guard: “Oo, bakit hindi ba yan inuulam sa inyo?”
Me: “Putang Ina! Hindi! Seryoso ka?”
Guard: “Masarap man yan pakuluaan then lagyan ng sabaw pwede rin gawing adobo.”
Me: “PPPPPuuuuuuttttaaaaannnnggggg Ina! Grabeeee talaga ha! Sheeeet!”
Me: At the back of my mind I felt that I may offend them so I said, “Pero uy! Cool baya yan noh hehehe.”

Luckily, one tricycle came near at me and I decided to go and eat my dinner. As I sat on my table and shove the spoon filled with rice and a squid with multiple fingers I raise it up a little and said to my self: “This is the butt of a frog, this is my dinner and I love it.”


Jane Smith said…
pusaaaaaang iriiiiiiing! lami manang FROG MEAT koy. that's gourmet food yummy!!! ayaw lng si KERMIT d frog ang ihawa ky mamahimo unya kang green color ana sama niya. goodluck sa adobong baki makoy hahahah ENJOOOOY
maks said…
hahaha thanks wag kang mag alala bibigyan din kiat pag di mo kainin ah yatap gyud.
Jane Smith said…
o? hahaha ako imong e challenge?! daghan na sa among probinsya dong makoy oi. ipaila2x pa tka sa mga baki
maks said…
no need na naa nakoy kaila na isa kuyaw kaayo to ba! hahaha

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