The Funny Side of Bill Gates

For the longest time in my life I never thought Bill Gates can act and dance. Imagine the richest man on earth simply perform out of this world films. I you just can't help but laugh at this one.

Check this out: Bill Gates, Back to School


Jane Smith said…
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Jane Smith said…
WHAT THE!! they're spoofing my favorite geek movie - Napoleon Dynamite hahahaha that i even featured in my blog back in January...that guy w/ Bill Gates is Jon Heder who played as Napoleon Dynamite..he was only paid $1,000 for that movie that was shot in 22 days...low budget but grossed $40 million in the US. You would find this funnier makoy if u had actually seen Napoleon Dynamite, which u would have to watch twice before u laugh (i mean find it funny) hahaha bcoz IT'S REALLY REALLY STUPID!! for me that movie is rated G - FOR GEEKS ONLY hahahahah

btw, thanks for sharing i wished for a Napoleon D part II but i guess that's all. so thanx for this one...
maks said…
wow I never knew that! thanks for the info. hahaha Rated G gyud. For Geeks Only! hahaha
Anonymous said…
Kataw-anan jud siya..heheheheh

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