GWT 1.6 Server class 'jar file' could not be found solution

While migrating to 1.6 to take advantage of its new features I was face with lots of headache addressing a lot of warnings that are so ridiculous since I don't understand why. I have been Googling for answers to this problems but I found no answer.

Out of despair I tried to solve things on my own by reading the manual. What more can I say I'm just too lazy to read those stuff.

During the process of migration a warning that keeps on popping in even though I assign the java build path makes me want to scream. It looks something like this...

After 5 hours of trying to search for answer I finally convince myself that I have to read the GWT manual and rely on my instincts. Here's the solution...

First of all at the start of my development with my pet project I always make sure that all the jar files are being categorize according to folders to avoid confusion or easy removal in case I want to.

Unfortunately, GWT 1.6 was not prepared for this (I guess) and all libraries that you use must be added to the /war/WEB-INF/lib folder any extra folder would result to a warning that I have shown above.

After removing and transferring the jar file to the main lib directory the result look something like this.

No more warnings baby! One down a hundreds to go...


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